NH-2, Vrindavan
Suncity Anantam Hi-Tech City
> Spaces Planned for Health Facilities.
> Gated Community With Boundary Walls
> Bus Shuttle Services From Anantam to Temples
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Plot Size :- 117 - 500 Sq. Yard Starts @ ₹ 70000 Per Sq. Yards Price Range- ₹ 85 Lac - 1.25 Cr


Upper Ground ₹ 15000 /sq.ft Lower Ground ₹ 18000 /sq.ft Studio flats ₹ 10000 /sq.ft Fully furnished
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⁍ Anantam. The endless union of all five senses with Lord Krishna.

A modern, dynamic, self-sustained and futuristic social lifestyle model based on the premise of environment-friendliness and smart living at Vrindavan on NH2. A space that aspires for the comfort and sophistication of international standards of living with state of the art infrastructure facilities. An urbane setup for the modern individuals and their families looking for a safe, sustainable and tranquil second home.

Poised to be new Vrindavan, the project is being developed on NH-2 connecting Delhi, Mathura and Agra. Anantam is accessible from the NH-2 from the south-west side and Vrindavan Road (Bhaktivedanta Marg) on the south / south east side.
One of the recent upcoming landmark development adjacent to Anantam is Chandrodaya Mandir stated to be the world’s tallest temple
Away from the city’s chaos and enveloped in a serene cocoon of divinity and harmony with nature, Anantam will also emerge to be an alternative residence for the devotees of Lord Krishna as well as a second home for senior citizens who want to spend their time in holy Vrindavan.

⁍ Anantam. Where You Are as Rooted in Earthy Tradition as you are Connected to Modern Conveniences.

An economically balanced, eco-friendly, sustainable and smart city

Anantam is a space that aspires for the comfort and sophistication of international standards of living with state-of-the-art infrastructure. In other words, a viable and unique landmark open space environment within an integrated township.
The design philosophy and built environment is such that each and every element will be a part of the city such as the spiritual centres, public spaces and housing typologies shall have the influence of modern architecture forms without hindering the cultural image of Braj Sanskriti.

⁍ Anantam. Where green and water coexist with land and sky.

The city level green and water bodies have been designed and integrated very carefully in keeping with the vision and concept of the city.
Large area of open land and water features are being provided to supplement and augment the existing fauna by providing additional water bodies. Large tracts of land are being preserved for open space.
The Landscape consultants will work with natural contours and limit the removal of existing vegetation. Use of material such as porous pavements will also help to recharge ground water.
Water quality would be maintained by the use of native species, landscape to minimize need for pesticide and fertilizers and avoiding the discharge of waste water to the existing water bodies. Earthwork which creates erosion and sediment problems will be avoided largely

Type Area Price
Plots 117-500 Sq.Yards (Area) 70000/Sq.Yards


Upper Ground Sq.Ft (Area) 15000/Sq.Ft
Lower Ground Sq.Ft. (Area) 18000/Sq.Ft
Studio Flats Sq.Ft. (Area) 10000/ sq.ft.
Site & Floor Plan Floor Plan
Anantam. Where convenience extends to
not only your living but also your life.
Medical Facilities • Spaces planned for health facilities
• Satsang / yoga and community center
Security • Gated community with boundary
walls in all site,
CCTV camera surveillance
on roads, Main Security Gate
Education • Spaces planned for early childhood to high-schools
Commercial & Industrial • Spaces planned for local shopping
• Space allocated for office building
• Space allocated for non-polluting industries
Facilitation for construction • Facilitation cell to assist designing
and construction of houses
Other facilities • Bus Shuttle services from Anantam to Temples
• Energy-efficient Solar powered LED street lights
• The city offers an efficient and effective
drainage, sewage and waste disposal system
•Anantam will promote and shall have rain
water harvesting, recycling water replenishing systems

Map View

Chandrodaya Mandir – 0.1 km
Prem Mandir – 2.7 km
ISKCON Temple – 0.5 km
Garud Govind Temple – 1.0 km
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